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2D Animation

2D animation is a rapid display of a series of images that are viewed one after the other at a very fast pace. This creates an illusion of moving pictures. Our animators have the capability to create animations for movies, serials, e-learning sites, games and others.

2D Design has helped to simulate actions and movements that give the user a realistic experience. To animate means communicate feelings through story telling.

2D animation production Steps include :

  • - Pre-Production
  •     o Storyboarding
  •     o Character Designing
  •     o Designing Backgrounds / Backdrops
  • - Coloured Background (BG Colouring)
  •     • Creating Animations
  •     • Reviewing & Clean-Up
  •     • Post-Production
  •     • Professional Voice recording and integration
  • - Music composition
  • - Animation Compilation
  •     • Final review of 2D Animated Movies

At PrintOn, we have a wealth of experienced talented animators, illustrators and designers , to produce variety of animated work from 2D animated educational CDs to a full-fledged 2D Films.
We create animation for a wide range of applications such as entertainment, short stories, TV commercials, educational presentations, product demos, etc.

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