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Web Mobile

Why Do You Need a Mobile Website?

  • We encourage web site owners to take a look at their existing web site on mobile devices and see how their site looks.
  • You will notice that searching a desktop web site on a mobile phone is not a simple experience.
  • Sites with Flash menus or sites created entirely in Flash will not operate at all.

Let us do some research for you by taking a look at your website statistics.

Do you know how many visitors are trying to access your website from a mobile device?

You'll be able to see how many visitors are looking for your information while on the run. This will let you know if you need to invest in a mobile website.

Mobile Web Information

At PRINT ON our mobile web designer's start by consulting with you to design a mobile enabled website architecture so mobile browsers can quickly and efficiently gain the information they need while out and about. Content and design from your desktop web site will look different from your mobile web site. We design all our websites to be user-focused, but this is even more essential in building a mobile website. We'll consult, design and strategize with you in order to prioritize your websites content for your users. Your mobile web site will become one of your most useful assets that will be available anytime time of day, from anywhere for all your visitors.

Visibility on all mobile devices

PRINT ON offers its mobile website designing service to all those enterprises that wish to expand their consumer-base through proper advertisement and marketing. We specialize in creating mobile versions of internet websites. Such mobile websites are well-suited to fit the contours of current cell phone technologies, be it iPhones, Blackberry, Androids, Smart Phones or standard Internet-enabled cell phones.

Why Mobile Websites are Essential?

While mobiles have become a popular medium for accessing the internet, a common problem that users face is that websites appear jumbled and distorted on the compact, small-sized screens of their cell phones.
Therefore, PRINT ON creates custom designed mobile websites for its clients that are compatible with phone browsers.

A mobile site version is ideal when people users are accessing information on the move.

Some areas where these most helpful are:

  • Corporate websites
  • Pricing Display
  • Store/Dealer Locations
  • Tickets Bookings
  • Events Calendar
  • Contact Formssites
  • Google Map Location plotting
  • Contacts or People Directory
  • Classifies
  • E-commerce (Mobile Commerce)
  • Messaging Sites

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